Dongarmatha A secret way:

To find a breather

in a fastlife.

Dongarmatha A secret way:

Appreciating the slowNESS OF NATURE .

Dongarmatha A secret way:

Appreciating the slowNESS OF NATURE .

Let’s pause a bit and become slow
being willful with every step we take
fast life fast money fast growth
they come at a cost of mental health and peace,  robbing the treasures we all possess
The limit of my knowledge seizes
Dongarmatha horizon is calling me, I must go

Slow Down and Enjoy Life

Why do we find slowing down so difficult?
Why do we need everything at a pace faster than usual

travel  fast, eating fast, reading  14 scrolls per min ,video speed   2x laughing momentarily
Slow down that’s what nature has taught us
We always get so stimulated by beautiful moments, we turn into a child again as we look at a rainbow or a pleasant sunset  it’s similar to when people clap, when an airplane lands something that is so ordinary that we often fail to see it as the extraordinary wonder that it is
we become accustomed to these moments, but it’s great to celebrate
like that internal child within all of us to acknowledge the beauty the
extraordinary, the small moments of joy or all that make life what it is
to look at the world through the eyes of a child seeing everything for the first time.

Let the nature take its course
EXPLORING OUTDOOR PLAY, It taught children patience as nature takes its own time
A secret path: to find a destination in an ordinary life.
You can not make flower out of bud without nature’s permission
You can not grow Hapus elsewhere.


What is dongarmatha?
It’s a nature friendly home stay accompanied by fun being a kokan nomad without fixed habitation.
How many rooms do you have?
what is your cancellation policy?
  • No refunds will be given for cancellation of long weekend bookings and peak season like Xmas, Diwali & Summer vacations under any circumstances .
  • No cancellation charges, for any confirmed booking cancelled prior to 20 days of arrival date.
  • Any cancellation done between 20 to 10 working days of the arrival time will be charged full one day’s retention charges OR 50% of the total charges – which ever is higher.
  • Any cancellation done between 10 to 5 working days of the arrival time, will be charged two full night’s retention charges OR 75% of the total charges which ever is higher.
  • Any cancellation done between 5 working days till the arrival time, will be charged full 100% retention charges of the total cost.
  • This cancellation policy is meant for the total event & hotel reserves full rights to revise the policy on case-to-case basis without prior notice.



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