Taste of Kokan

Food without Make-Ups

Exploring the Basics of real kokan food

Inspired by nature

How doth the little busy bee
Improve each shining hour,
And gather honey all the day
From every opening flower!


Experience of Konkan is incomplete without tasting its delicacies. Culinary delights of Konkan are sure to tingle every one’s taste buds. Sol-kadhi (a tangy smooth appetizer made with coconut juice & kokam), Kolambi che Kaalvan (prawns curry), Phanasachi bhaji, kaaju usal or steamed Modak along with some tasty, healthy boiled Roots & seasonal fruitsare must savour.

We offer a package for Full day veg meals, i.e. morning tea/ coffee Biscuits, Breakfast, Lunch, Evening tea/ coffee biscuits & Dinner- with fixed local food Menu. Seasonal Fruits, Kokam Sarbat/ Kairi Panhe (raw Mango Juice) & 4 servings of Tea/coffee included in the food package.

Vegetable FOOD package- Rs.800 per person Includes: Early tea/Coffee, Break Fast with tea/coffee, Lunch, Evening tea/coffee & Dinner & seasonal complimentary items.

Non-veg at actual.

Kokan Food

That tells Align with nature

In Kokan as elsewhere, food culture is perfectly fitted by atmospheric conditions, land, and access to natural resources. The Kokan food system focuses attention on eating agricultural and natural produce “in season,” such as mangoes and local greens during the summer, pumpkins during the rainy monsoon months, and root vegetables during the winter months.

Like  you can not grow same Ratanagiri  hapus mangos anywhere in the word. Even if you grow, you cannot achieve a taste. Nature say do not hybridize your body just for sake of taste.

Same way nature asks us to eat that is edible that grows around you. Simply follow nature, animals  tree or just old people.

5000+ years old, Ayurveda tells our overall health is determined by what we eat. Ayurveda is a science in -life that signifies health as a balance of dhatus (tissues), doshas, agni (eliminating toxins), and a pleased mind. Food is the prime ingredient to keep all these health indicators balanced.
Ayurveda suggests a long list of wrong food combinations. The list can guide you towards bad choices of food. By abandoning these bad combinations, you can avoid fermentation, indigestion, and putrefaction. Dongarmatha’s kokan food is reason out from kokan’s traditional practice!

You’ll just say I like this !

Call it

Mamache ghar , homestay, or an experience


Leave your own world behind, just be our guest


No pretences here, Sheer simplicity

True India & Different tourism experience

While constructing the Eco-stay, we have tried to conserve natural resources by adopting renewable construction material such as Bamboo and minimum use of steel and cement.

Sometimes Basics

Dongarmatha is your visit to real Konkan rural India take you beyond the luxury & comfort and takes into traditional, always welcoming village. Take a pleasure in homestays, spend time in open called nature walks, sit on rock or even road, valley treks, clay workshops and the pleasure of home cooked Chula meals, shared with local hosts and families

Height of basics

We invite you , your family and friends to explore nature & enjoy eco-friendly tourism. Experience a wonderful mix of nature, adventure, agri, arts & spiritual tourism.

Food with natural persona

Mixture of spices and the delicate Kokan flavours.

Food with natural state It’s more than food, it’s an experience of my lost days

Food that has a lot of happy involvement




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