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Shradhha-Mangesh & Vyom

The graciousness of the host and his wife Shraddha Govekar was very heart warming. They attended to us personally. We enjoyed chatting up with Mangesh and were truly moved by his passion for nature. We stayed 3 nights (Feb 13th, 14th and 15th ) and wished we had time for more. What can I say, Hasta La Vista – We will be back!

Meet the Family
That loves to host you

We’ve kept everything simple, raw and rustic , but proceeded with senses that add up to natural luxury.

We genuinely respect the world of sense, its beauty to the eye and ear; the earthy opulence of taste and touch. It is indeed a blessed world. Dongarmatha it is an idea of presenting incredible kokan wonderful nature what we’ve seen we’ve found it to be a good place to broach the subject.

Yes, It is nature’s simple world, neither deluxe nor royal. Dongarmatha is a mix grid of organic and native. It’s the connection between you and nature.

Come, enjoy; selflessness of Nature!

Just Be Our Guest!


We & Nature

people’s nature

Discover the Real India that lives in Her Villages
Something for everyone

Life at Dongarmatha is simple, basic & uncomplicated.
Dongarmatha encourages time for doing what you love, going away from nonsense and unwanted information, enjoy the space & peace.
Every piece of nature has occupied its best place, just like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
Dongarmatha village life is nothing but just aligning yourself with nature.

Enjoying every moment

Angat Pangat

Have the state of being cheerful, know how Land covered with wood Can Help You Find mood and Happiness
We are all part of nature. But modern life has changed us from the heavenly relation we have with nature.

Without nature, we feel tired, unhappy and incomplete. And that is why you are here on the land of Kokan .

Walking is one of the most ancient forms of incomparable happiness.

Extended Family


We have added a few thrill spots in itinerary.

A new experience of involvement

Touch of blue

Some beautiful things happen in Kokan when monsoon arrives. Explore more joy. Water Makes You Happier, More Connected and Better at What You Do.

Catch incredible Kokan in its best form

Pick out a Focused Life in a Noisy World

A lot of things happen here for no predictive reason. We could understand them after spending ample time in nature. Dongarmatha is a digitally minimized world. Experience something out of the box. We feel digital things won’t bring any value to life.

Less is more

Sometimes basic

Don’t ask for More, we have everything, yet we claim we have nothing.

Most of us know we own too much stuff. We feel the weight and burden of our clutter, and we exhaust of changing and managing and organizing.

While excess consumption leads to bigger dishes, decorative offerings, fancier food , and cluttered wastes, it never brings happiness. Rather, it results in a desire for more. It redirects our greatest passions to things that can never fulfill. And it distracts us from the very life we wish we were living.

Our Dongamatha family believes in offering better welcome with less.

Sky higher up Earth to a lower place

While constructing the Eco-stay, we have tried to conserve natural resources by adopting renewable construction material such as Bamboo and minimum use of steel and cement.

Living in an environment, enjoying what is offered.

Endless Source of Inspiration called Nature
Experience nature in its clearest form
Dongarmatha inspires you to live as a person with nature.
Stay close to nature
While constructing the Eco-stay, we have tried to conserve natural resources by adopting renewable construction material such as Bamboo and minimum use of steel and cement.



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