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Nature at its abundance

“Me & my husband visited Dongarmatha in December 2021. It was a experience of its own kind. The owners Mangesh & Shraddha are perfect hosts. They made us feel so comfortable that we felt as if we are house guests.
They have developed the surroundings by planting thousands of trees specifically to maintain ecological balance. Birds , butterflies and worms of rare species visit this place.
We thoroughly enjoyed the Nature trails Mangesh took us for. His knowledge of flora and fauna is amazing.
Highlight of the outings was the day when he took us for a river side picnic. With chairs and breakfast stacked in his vehicle, he made us feel special by offering the same at picturesque location and clicking our pics for beautiful memories.
Shraddha cooked yummy konkani meals for us. Evenings were spent leisurely at the living room , chatting, playing indoor games , listening to music.
It was a very relaxing and pleasant experience for us.
I highly recommend this place for evevryone.”
Seema K


Endless Source of Inspiration called Nature

Surrender yourself to a few Kokan’s humblest elements. Experience nature in its purest form. Feel the current of air blowing across the covers, dream away underneath an endless sparkling sky and wake up to the morning song of the birds until far into the forest. In play to the rhythm of nature. Go through that you’re sensitive and experience the Kokan’s magic of the moment.

Dongarmatha cheers to be one with nature. A fresh experience in nature. Here, everything falls into perfect geo-slots living sleeping, working be all.Experience freedom. Surrounded by an abundance of natural life and hugged by the beauty of Mother Nature. Follow your senses and experience the nature in a completely new way.

Wonderful and amazing place in the heart of nature

“Dongarmatha – as the name suggest, is on the hill top. It’s an excellent place for nature lovers and the idea of designing it as an old fashion village is marvelous. It helps one to completely rejuvenate from the day to day routine. Being located on hill top, access to a jungle is a natural advantage and the owner himself being interested in nature, takes care of you during the trek. Some places around the place are easy to access, including the trek in the jungle where the famous waterfall originates.
Overall an awesome place to visit frequently.”

A new experience of Kokan

Forest Bathing

Have the state of being cheerful, know how Land covered with wood Can Help You Find mood and Happiness
We are all part of nature. But modern life has changed us from the heavenly relation we have with nature.

Without nature, we feel tired, unhappy and incomplete. And that is why you are here on the land of Kokan .

Walking is one of the most ancient forms of incomparable happiness.

“Awesome place”

Hands down this place is a winner, have been to many a places but none like this one. Everything was sorted out from the time we stepped in Chiplun. This place didnt seem a hotel to me but a home away from home. The place set in scenic beauty of konkan range has everything done with love.

 Shayan R .Ranchi, India

Amazing place to unwind

“The place is nicely designed among a beautiful plantation, and lovingly managed by the owners. The staff is friendly and eager to help. The home-style food is yummy. The rooms and common areas are spotless clean. The peace is distributed only by the chirping of a countless birds. The kids enjoyed the open and safe surroundings, as well as the board games and innovative toys collected by the owners. A perfect place to slow down, relax and come back rejuvenated!”

Radhika Kotnis

Catch incredible Kokan in its best form

Pick out a Focused Life in a Noisy World

A lot of things happen here for no predictive reason. We could understand them after spending ample time in nature. Dongarmatha is a digitally minimized world. Experience something out of the box. We feel digital things won’t bring any value to life.

Less is more

Sometimes basic

Don’t ask for More, we have everything, yet we claim we have nothing.

Most of us know we own too much stuff. We feel the weight and burden of our clutter, and we exhaust of changing and managing and organizing.

While excess consumption leads to bigger dishes, decorative offerings, fancier food , and cluttered wastes, it never brings happiness. Rather, it results in a desire for more. It redirects our greatest passions to things that can never fulfill. And it distracts us from the very life we wish we were living.

Our Dongamatha family believes in offering better welcome with less.

Sky higher up Earth to a lower place

While constructing the Eco-stay, we have tried to conserve natural resources by adopting renewable construction material such as Bamboo and minimum use of steel and cement.

Living in an environment, enjoying what is offered.

Endless Source of Inspiration called Nature
Experience nature in its clearest form
Dongarmatha inspires you to live as a person with nature.
Stay close to nature
While constructing the Eco-stay, we have tried to conserve natural resources by adopting renewable construction material such as Bamboo and minimum use of steel and cement.



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